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Our key collaborating partner is W.L. GORE & Associates GmbH in Germany. They manufacture market-leading environmental technology products.

Treatmant of versatile biodegradable wastes

Our company has expertise and references in treating and managing all types of biodegradable wastes, including green and kitchen waste, sewage sludge, by-products of animal origin and other food industry wastes. After conducting all necessary analyses, we can provide technologies for treating special types of biodegradable waste.

Wide range of designs with membrane cover

With over 20 years of experience in environmental industry and waste management we select the most appropriate technology for the needs of our partners and customers. Using the GORE® Cover membrane we have references in designing and installing simple heap and retaining wall composting systems, as well as in-vessel composting with lifting system, related to which our company is unique internationally. We are market leaders in providing a diversity of technological solutions for handling the membrane cover.

Optimised solutions

Several of our recognized experts have PhD degrees in the field, and we maintain close contact and conduct innovation activities with various universities and research institutes in Hungary and abroad. We conducted numerous examinations and studies related to developing optimal handling solutions for the GORE® Cover membrane, including with raw materials that have different physical, chemical and biological properties, and related to the use of final products.

ProfiKomp Inc. ®

With more than 20 years of experience, the ProfiKomp® Group is one of the leading enterprises in Europe in the field of providing waste management related engineering and commercial services. ProfiKomp® specializes in biological waste utilization including aerobic (composting, stabilization and biodrying) and anaerobic (biogas production) technologies. It is our objective to design and install sustainable waste management systems using environmentally-friendly technologies that can be operated economically.

Our areas of expertise
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In the European Union, a global leader in the field of environmental protection, the waste management industry is becoming increasingly important. Recycling in itself provides 300 thousand jobs, which, through reaching the newly established targets can increase to 1 million.
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REFERTIL project
REFERTIL has the mission to contribute to the efficient and economical transformation of food industry by-products and farm organic residues from a costly disposal process into an income generating activity.
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ProfiKomp® References
ProfiKomp® has references in designing and installing simple heap and retaining wall composting systems, as well as in-vessel composting with lifting roof, which make ProfiKomp® internationally unique.
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