Biowaste treatment

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HU-2100 Gödöllő, Kühne Ede u. 7.

License number of training program: E-001677/2017


Information on the training program of bio- and green waste utilisation, composting


Title of training:                                                Bio- and green waste utilisation, composting

ID of professional program requirements:              SzPk-00057-16-20 2 06 1/1

Registration number:                                            E-001677/2017/B001


Aim of training:

The aim is to familiarise the attendants with bio- and green waste utilisation, both theoretical and technical aspects. Define the requirements of proper composting in order to apply educational theory in practice and also to ensure independent activities at the composting facility. 


Target group of training:

Personnel working in waste treatment or biowaste utilisation


Curriculum units:

1.     The principles of bio-and green waste utilisation, basics of composting, knowledge on raw materials and compost products

2.     Composting technologies in practice, mechanisation, and operation


Measuring prior knowledge:

Participant may be granted with exemption on the basis of prior knowledge.


Duration of training program:

Hours of theoretical classes:                               24 hours

Hours of practical classes:                                  56 hours

Sum of hours spent with classes:                         80 hours


Requirements for the participation of program: -


Form of training:                                                  group training


Criterion for issuing the Training Program Certificate:

✔  Less than 20% absenteeism allowed for each module and for the whole training

✔  Successful completion of the exam

✔  Full payment of training fee