PROFIKOMP ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. received 25,000,000 HUF non-refundable EU funding in the framework of the "Supporting the utilization of the outcomes of innovation activities at SMEs" call of the New Széchenyi Plan. By means of the development, the total cost of which was 38,500,000 HUF, Profikomp established a compost heat utilization system at its Sioagárd site.
PROFIKOMP ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. was founded in 2009 as a company distributing materials and products necessary for agriculture. To strengthen the market position of the company and to increase the added value of its activities, Profikomp also engages in product development, the head of the company is involved in developing various patents.
The company treats large amounts of organic materials. During the decomposition - i.e. composting - of these materials significant amount of energy is released. The project set out to utilize the energy thus released through the design, sizing, construction and installation of an innovative compost heat utilization system.
With the help of this technology compost heat can be recovered from traditional as well as the most often used windrow composting systems closed with semi-permeable membranes.
One part of the installed complex heat recovery system is a frame-like device regulated by a control unit, including heat extraction pipes and state-of-the-art instrumentation control system that ensures continuous and smooth operation.
In the framework of the project the activities of the company were expanded and its operations were made more efficient. Through the innovative development the use of traditional energy sources was reduced, and it is expected that excess energy will be produced while costs will remain the same.