ProfiKomp® Technology

The ProfiKomp® technology consists of three main components: the GORE® Cover laminate, the aeration and the control systems. Additionally, basic engineering, handling options, trainings and after sales consultancy including services are offered to ensure smooth operation.  The laminate system controls the oxygen content in the windrows through positive aeration, and temperature changes can be monitored at different points of the heap. With the help of the GORE® Cover laminate it is possible to create ideal conditions for the chemical and biological processes occurring in the heaps. Odour and other emissions such as dust and volatile organic compounds are effectively reduced. There is no need for the use of biofilters. As a result, higher performance will be achieved; furthermore, the space need, energy use and labour needs for biological treatment can be reduced significantly.
Benefits of the technology:
✔ By optimal mixing of raw materials the ProfiKomp® technology is suitable for treating almost any type of biodegradable waste;
✔ The ProfiKomp® technology with GORE® Cover is accepted as an in-vessel technology worldwide;
✔ Based on projected lifetime costs, the ProfiKomp® technology is the most economic solution for the closed-system treatment of biodegradable waste;
✔ Thanks to continuous internal innovation, Profikomp provides different technological solutions from traditional heaps through heaps with side wall technology to the ProfiKomp® Lifting System (PLS) that represents cutting-edge technology. All of them meet the requirements of even the strongest environmental regulations. 
✔ It fulfils BAT/BREF criteria.
1 - Control system; 2 - PC, 3 - Rim weight;  4 - Temperature sensor; 5 - Cover handling device; 6 - Aeration fan; 7 - GORE®COVER; 8 - Aeration and leachte system; 9 - Water trap; 10 - Leachate collection;
Composting technology with GORE® Cover
(Source: W.L. GORE & Associates GmbH.)