Opening ceremony of the ProfiKomp® Innovation and Education Centre

Profikomp® Environmental Technologies Inc. closed the year 2017 with a successful event. Whereas in December 2016 we organized a highly successful professional forum in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő on the occasion of the Biowaste Magazine’s 10th anniversary. This time the opening ceremony was held in our newly designed head office, in the event of presenting the ProfiKomp Innovation and Education Centre to our closest professional partners.  A comprehensive presentation was held on the most important developments, changes and challenges of biological waste treatment in relation to Europe and Hungary in the last 20 years, furthermore described the company’s responses to the challenges. We also introduced the latest technological developments, as well as future activities of the company. All of this was held in the auditorium of the new Innovation and Education Centre which is eligible to host 50 persons, followed by the guidance to our laboratory and phytotron which will provide wide range of opportunities to analyze soil, compost, biowaste and plant tests.