Licensed trainings

With several decades of experience, the ProfiKomp® Group is one of the leading enterprises in Europe in the field of providing waste management related engineering and commercial services. ProfiKomp® specializes in the utilization of biodegradable waste applying aerobic technologies such as composting, mechanical-biological stabilization and biodrying.

Our knowledge is based on the complex activity of design, consultation and implementation services provided for decades and the technology supply of more than 60 waste treatment plants. In addition we are focussing on R&D and innovation projects. Moreover, we participate in several Hungarian and European projects dealing with biowaste utilization, conducting research to obtain scientifically proven and practical results in cooperation with other companies, universities and research institutions.

Our highly qualified colleagues, our widely extended network and daily cooperation with Hungarian and international workshops enable to base the knowledge we can proudly build our company on. We are keen on to share this expertise with our partners, hence we hand over scientific publications, professional presentations as well as our own high quality Biowaste Magazine in Hungarian and English since 2006.

Sharing our versatile knowledge base has arrived to a milestone. ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc. will start it’s adult training program portfolio which will be held in the newly designed Profikomp® Innovation and Education Centre, providing theoretical and practical trainings. The accreditation of the institution was undertaken, tangible fixed assets are available and the highly qualified expertise is prepared to the knowledge transfer for the future professionals of biological waste treatment. 

Licence number of training program: E-001677/2017

Our licensed training programs: 


ID of training

Name of training

Engedély szám

SzPk-00057-16-20 2 06 1 /1

Bio- and green waste utilisation, composting