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    With several decades of experience, the ProfiKomp® Group is one of the leading enterprises in Europe in the field of providing waste management related engineering services and technologies. ProfiKomp® specializes in the utilization of biodegradable waste applying aerobic technologies such as composting, mechanical-biological stabilization and drying.

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    We have been serving our customers with innovative solutions, quality technologies and complex services for over 20 years



    Profikomp® Technology

    Research and development, innovation

    Laboratory tests, odour management



    Biopolymer composting

    Company name: ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc.
    Address: H-2100 Gödöllő, Kühne Ede utca 7; Hungary
    VAT No: HU14939301-2-13
    Company register No: 13-10-041077
    Education Institute Registration No: E-001677/2017

    2100 Gödöllő Kühne Ede utca 7.

    Telephone: +36 28 512 490

    Fax: www.profikomp.hu

    E-mail address: info@profikomp.hu

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