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    As the latest method for sharing our versatile knowledge,  Profikomp® Environmental Technologies Inc. has launched its accredited educational portfolio. We have started offering accredited educational activities with both theoretical and practical courses in our new  Profikomp® Innovation and Education Centre.  

    Our education portfolio includes successive, practical and professional knowledge providing a complex knowledge for our participants in flexible training periods.

    We offer a wide range of accredited courses in the areas of environmental technology, waste management, renewable energy production, and modern agricultural technology. We provide our Hungarian or English courses with help of our highly qualified home and internationally recognized lecturers and widely extended network.

    Our range of courses is continuously developed..


    Institute Registration Number: E-001677/2017


    Licensed courses:

    Name of course

    Registration number Category Hours of theoretical / practical classes

    Bio- and green waste utilization, composting



    theoretical classes: 24 hours

    practical classes: 56 hours

    altogether: 80 hours

    Cutting-edge waste management systems



    theoretical classes: 6 hours

    practical classes: 2 hours

    altogether: 8 hours

    Introduction to waste management



    theoretical classes: 8 hours

    practical classes: - hours

    altogether: 8 hours

    Garden and community composting



    theoretical classes: 2 hours

    practical classes: 6 hours

    altogether: 8 hours

    Biowaste utilization with cutting-edge technologies



    theoretical classes: 4 hours

    practical classes: 4 hours

    altogether: 8 hours

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    • Bio-and gren waste utilization, composting

      The aim is to familiarise the attendants with bio- and green waste utilisation, both theoretical and technical aspects. Define the requirements of proper composting in order to apply educational theory in practice and also to ensure independent activities at the composting facility

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    • Introduction to waste management

      The objective of the training is to familiarize participants with cutting-edge technologies and methods of waste utilization, including the comprehensive system of waste management, basic principles, the relevant EU and Hungarian legal regulations, as well as the types of waste that are created and the opportunities for their utilization.

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    • Cutting-edge waste management systems

      The objective of the training is to familiarize participants with the structure and operation of complex waste management systems, their units, amounts, utilization methods and opportunities for specific waste streams.

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    • Garden and community composting

      The objective of the training is to familiarize participants with the types of wastes that can be composted and the process and basic operational tasks of garden and community composting, and to provide information about the opportunities for compost use.

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    • Biowaste utilization with cutting-edge technologies

      The objective of the training is to familiarize participants with frequently applied, modern biowaste utilization technologies and methods so that they can learn basic skills and knowledge related to these technologies.

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    Company name: ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc.
    Address: H-2100 Gödöllő, Kühne Ede utca 7; Hungary
    VAT No: HU14939301-2-13
    Company register No: 13-10-041077
    Education Institute Registration No: E-001677/2017

    2100 Gödöllő Kühne Ede utca 7.

    Telephone: +36 28 512 490

    Fax: www.profikomp.hu

    E-mail address: info@profikomp.hu

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