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    The operation of our company is based on innovation. We are participating in several Hungarian and EU tenders that involve the examination of the latest scientific findings and the practical background of biowaste utilization in cooperation with various companies, universities and research institutes. Thanks to continuous internal innovation we can successfully develop our own technology to satisfy the needs of our partners based on the feedback we receive - whether in relation to technological solutions, the range of waste that can be treated, or the latest technical developments.


    Main current research and development projects:

    Some closed research and development projects:

    Archived applications for announcements

    Company name: ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc.
    Address: H-2100 Gödöllő, Kühne Ede utca 7; Hungary
    VAT No: HU14939301-2-13
    Company register No: 13-10-041077
    Education Institute Registration No: E-001677/2017

    2100 Gödöllő Kühne Ede utca 7.

    Telephone: +36 28 512 490

    Fax: www.profikomp.hu

    E-mail address: info@profikomp.hu

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